We started Barkersons because other dog services sought to maximize profits by serving the masses. This meant cheap toys and treats with unknown ingredients from questionable suppliers.

We're not here for the masses. We're here for you & your dog.

Our toys are made from the highest quality materials and are meant to stimulate your dog's curiosity.

Our Treats

We partnered with the world leader in dog nutrition. Tom & Sawyer's team of vets, pet nutritionists and chefs will curate a unique treat each month that can only be found in a Barkersons Bag of Barks.

Finally, we love our planet.

Other subscription services use a cardboard box to deliver their products. This results in more waste and more harm to Mother Earth. All Barkersons Bag of Barks are delivered in canvas drawstring bags that are meant to be re-used over and over again.

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